Are You Using Too Much Wood?

Do you trust you are smoldering an excessive amount of wood in your outdoor wood burning furnace? Assuming this is the case, we should discuss this for a moment. It’s getting icy right? Everyone needs to stay warm, however no one needs to be outside for a really long time, even while they’re filling the furnace; the enticement to simply rush, toss however much wood in as could be expected then recover the blazes inside the house! Be that as it may it’s not the measure of wood you’re tossing into the firebox; it’s the nature of the wood that matters. What is important most is whether the wood has been appropriately prepared.


High wood utilization can be brought on by various elements. I will examine here a portion of the more regular reasons for high wood utilization – a large number of which can be effortlessly determined. Initially, remember that wood contains vitality as BTUs. Your heater changes over that BTU heat vitality starting with one structure (wood) then onto the next (boiling point water) so the warmth can be utilized as a part of your home or building. On the off chance that your heater is expending the wood, those BTUs are going someplace. On the off chance that you think you are smoldering an excess of wood, then the inquiry you will need to answer is “the place did those BTUs go?” You need that warmth vitality to go into your home, not someplace else! We should take a gander at some normal offenders:

An enormous offender to firewood to much wood is blazing wood this: The wood has not been legitimately prepared. On the off chance that your wood is not legitimately prepared, actually you are smoldering right around 40% of your heap of wood just to blaze off the dampness in your wood! Simply in light of the fact that your wood was cut 1 year back doesn’t mean it’s been appropriately prepared; at the end of the day, wood that has been curtailed for quite a while does not liken to being sufficiently dry to blaze. The conditions must be correct. I have some wood at my shop that was cut 18-24 months prior and I part it a week ago and the dampness substance of the wood is still 42%! Look at this blog entry. Furthermore, this one as well.

For a gasification heater like the Hawken GX arrangement, your hardwood must be appropriately prepared for no less than 12-24 months so as to get it to the dampness level essential for legitimate operation. At the end of the day, by Autumn every year, you ought to be flavoring your kindling for the winter smoldering season that starts one year from that time you gathered firewood and by preparing wood, you will be able to maintain your outdoor wood burning stove and use if for more years to come.x

Also, make sure you use a quality pex pipe so you do not chew too much wood.

How to Use Prepared Kindling

So what is the major ordeal about prepared kindling? Why is it so essential? Envision your heap of wood and think about the work and/or cost you caused to buy, pull, cut, part, stack, and spread that heap of wood. Presently envision some person coming amidst the night and taking 40 percent of your heap of wood. Not a pleasant thought. When you blaze green unseasoned wood, you lose as much as 40 percent of the warming esteem in your wood to smolder off the dampness in the wood. Where do those BTUs go? They leave your heater as steam, or make buildup in your heater! At the same time simply consider the tremendous waste! By and by, I don’t care for the thought of squandering 40 percent of my heap of wood, and all only in light of the fact that I didn’t arrange ahead.


Blazing wood that isn’t legitimately prepared additionally may influence the correct operation of your heater. Most heater makers plan their items to blaze prepared kindling, so at whatever time you smolder dishonorably prepared kindling in your outdoor wood furnace. The following guilty party is protection at your heater. On the off chance that warmth gets away from your heater, you will feel warmth in the event that you touch the skin or top of your heater. Obviously, the smokestack and door jamb will be so hot it would be impossible touch yet those spots are planned by the maker to not be protected. All different parts of the heater ought to be protected no warmth vitality is lost to the open air. Mother Nature will retain a limitless measure of warmth so verify your protection is superb and all set up.

Next, check your underground pipe. You may need to perform a “Delta-T” test which is basically an estimation of the amount of warmth is lost in your underground pipes. The guidelines for the Delta-T test are joined beneath. Once more, Hawken just offers the most elevated review underground pipe – and at a cost that is not as much as a large portion of the cost of numerous lower-grade contender channels..

In the event that your Delta-T test shows just typical negligible warmth misfortune, yet you are as yet blazing more wood, than you feel you ought to, consider the accompanying other conceivable reasons. We should proceed:

It is vital to note that when the kettle water temp is grinding away’s typical working temp scope of 172 to 182 degrees, all the dampness from the wood that is smoldered off will EXIT THE BEST OUTDOOR WOOD FURNACE HARMLESSLY AS STEAM. In any case once more, when the evaporator water temp is beneath 140 degrees, that dampness consolidates on the dividers and containers of the kettle. You will take note of that amid the fall “start-up”, some water will break out the back of the heater upper back entryway.

Knowing all these will help you have a better and more efficient outdoor coal boiler for years to come.

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Just some info about improving your home!